The health and appearance of the gums play important roles in the general aesthetics of a smile. Whether in combination with other Cosmetic Dentistry procedures, or on its own, a 'gum lift' can produce a remarkable, and often unexpected, improvement of a smile.

'Gum lift' is a simple surgical procedure whereby the gums are lifted to improve not only their appearance, but also the size, shape and emerging appearance of the teeth.

The procedure is performed in one visit and healing is usually quick and uneventful. Maturity of the gums to their final position takes approximately 12 weeks.

Gum lift dramatically improves 'gummy smiles'. More commonly, however, it may only be required for one or two teeth to create harmony and symmetry.


Do you have the right proportions?

Examine your own face in a mirror, making sure your hair is back so you can see your complete facial outline. Are there ways in which your face is out of balance? Some assymetry is to be expected and even disired - studies indicate that, within limits, the most appealing face is one  with some sort of slight imbalance. However, being aware of your own proportions is important as you begin to make decisions about changing your appearance. Changes to your smile can make a significant difference in the overall composition of your face.

It all starts with your smile!


The best way to obtain a more youthful look is by combining the advantages of cosmetic dentistry, cosmetology and plastic surgery – in that order. First improve your smile. Next, try following the expert beauty and hairstyle tips. If you still have concerns, such wrinkles or sagging skin, explore your options in plastic surgery.

Hollywood smile

wpcf4e3854_1bSmile makeovers are typically created with the use of porcelain veneers, all-ceram crowns,  and gum lifting procedures when indicated, also teeth withening alone could be an effective solution in some cases.